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How To Get Started As A Speaker

I travel a lot, so I’m used to spending lots of time on the road traveling to a hotel. And thankfully in today’s world, we have technology like GPS and Google Maps that generally makes that drive a lot simpler. Generally. But has this ever happened to you? You’re going to your hotel (or some […]

121 – How to Thrive with Cole Hatter

Did you enjoy this episode? Click here to get the exclusive bonus material. Sometimes we experience events so profound they alter the fabric of our existence. And when they do we have two choices: allow those events to pull us under into despair, or use them as a wake-up call to make our lives matter. Our […]

How to Create A Speaking Demo Video

  Grant here. This is a guest post written by my friend Erin Lashley. Erin has a business helping speakers shoot, edit, and create demo videos to help promote their business. I firmly believe that a solid demo video is one of the best marketing tools a speaker can have. Erin goes really in-depth here […]

What Should I Speak About?

Any speaker, author, blogger or content creator has been there before. Staring at a blank screen without a clue in the world about what to write or where to start. When you’re getting started, you may not know what you want to speak about. That’s okay! But figuring out what you want to speak about […]

What Topics Do Speakers Get Paid For?

When it comes to discovering what you want to speak about and what speakers get paid for, there’s a huge principle to keep in mind… There’s a balance between what you want to speak about and what clients will pay for. Just because you’re knowledgeable, passionate, and have massive expertise on knitting scarves for kittens […]