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April CHANGES Update

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Here’s my update of progress for the various CHANGES in my life I’m trying to create.  You can read more about the original concept in the post, “Introducing Small Changes To Your Life,” and also updates from February and March

CHANGES for March

  • Get My Passport – This is now 2 months in a row I haven’t taken care of this.  For March, I knew we were moving, so I decided to wait until we had our new address, so my passport would be correct.  Poor but legitimate excuse. (Grade: D+)
  • Learn To Solve A Rubik’s Cube – I did a couple of things on this but never actually solved one.  I went to the store to buy one but they’re like $10, and you know I’m too cheap to drop that for a cube!  I did download a version to my iPhone I’ve been fiddling with, but it’s not quite the same.  Also, I was at an event where a student was playing with one, so I spent about 30 minutes with him and he was trying to explain it to me.  All that to say, I did something, but have yet to complete it.  (Grade: C-)
  • Eat Something I Would Normally Never Try – I did accomplish this a couple of places.  The foods I got weren’t anything extraordinarily exotic, but they weren’t items I would normally get.  In New Jersey, I got a massive corn beef sandwich at a famous deli shop.  It was pretty good!  Then in North Dakota, I got buffalo stew at a place, and it was also really good.  I also tried to eat at several hole-in-the-wall type restaurants when I was traveling, instead of just the typical chains I frequent.  (Grade: B+)

CHANGES for April

Get My Passport – No excuses this month.  Got to get this done…
Learn To Solve A Rubik’s Cube – Once again, another carryover from March.
#3 – I can’t keep carrying things over month-to-month, cause then I’m never really making any progress.  I decided to not add a third item until I complete those two carryover items. 

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