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How To Organize Blogs With An RSS Reader…

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Writing, reading, and following blogs has quickly become one of the best ways to get information and content not only from the internet, but through all forms of media. 

Blogs give everyone the opportunity to be an expert, and we all have the chance to display that expertise to a virtual audience on the world wide web. 

So first of all, if you’re not reading blogs, you’re really missing out on some valuable content that may exist for your industry or your interests.  But for the sake of today’s post, I’m going to assume you already know what a blog is and that you keep tabs on a handful of the ones that exist out there. 

You’re probably finding that going back to those sites on a regular basis, just to see if they have any new posts can get a little old and tedious.  So I want to walk you through how to organize your blogs with an RSS Reader. 

A what?  (Is that similar to a bird feeder?)

RSS stands for “Really Simple Syndication” and is a way to gather new content from blogs or other websites without having to continue checking that site for updates.  You’ve probably seen the symbol at the top of this post before which is the RSS logo.  If you see this on a website, it is telling you…”if you want to know when we add anything new to this site, we can keep you updated so you don’t have to keep coming here.” 

That’s my interpretation of course. 

In order to do that, you need some kind of RSS Reader, of which there are several.  I just converted to Google Reader from Bloglines, but there are also sites like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, or NewsGator.   

Once you set up an account with one of these services (all free), you can go around to the blogs that you’re interested in (such as this one – wink, wink), click the RSS logo and add the blog feed into your RSS reader.  Then instead of going to each individual blog on a daily basis, you go to one site (your RSS Reader) which will automatically collect anything new and have it ready for you to read.

One of the cool things about RSS is more and more types of websites provide an RSS feed, so you can keep up on updates as they happen.  For example, my wife and I have a little field trip to Maui coming up, so we’ve been on the look out for bargains and deals for while we’re out there.  I have an RSS feed on Craiglist-Maui-Tickets, so that any time anyone posts anything new in that category, I know about it immediately. 

So what do you need to do now?  Follow these 3 simple steps…

  1. Set up a free account with an RSS Reader (I recommend Google Reader)
  2. Add the links/feeds of your favorite blogs and websites to your Reader.

      3. Add in Grant Baldwin’s Blog.  At the top of the right column, you can subscribe to this blog with one click or you can receive email updates for the blog (sorry I couldn’t help myself).

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