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In Case You’re Bored This Weekend…Episode 6

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Here’s your weekly dose of interesting websites, blog posts, and articles for you to check out…


  • Pandora - I may be late to the party on using this service, but it is a sweet internet radio program.  You can basically create customized radio stations based on artists or songs you like.  And best of all…it’s FREE!  It doesn’t hurt that there is an iPhone app as well.
  • Fonolo – Ever had this experience…you need to call customer service about something but you play this game: Press 2…hold…Press 5….hold…Press 1….hold…ok, you get the idea.  This service lets you not only bypass the “phone tree” of several major customer service 800 numbers, but they also get them on the phone for you.
  • Rescue Time – I just started using this, so I’m interested to see if it’s valuable.  I spend the bulk of my day on my computer and occasionally my ADD creeps up, and I start drifting away to other programs or applications.  This free service tracks what programs you spend your time on and gives you feedback about where you’re wasting time. 
  • CreditKarma – This is the first actual free service that you can see a ballpark figure of your credit score.  Most “free” services get you your credit score for free after you pay for their program.  With CreditKarma, you don’t enter any credit card info, and it’s totally free.  I knew my credit score and tried this for comparison, and it was actually pretty accurate. 

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