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You Never Know What Someone Else Is Going Through

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This morning I spoke at a high school assembly which I’ve been doing a lot of lately!

I got to the office and went to check in and got to talking with two students that were sitting there waiting. They were brothers that just moved to the area and were both getting enrolled at the high school. They both had smiles on their face and seemed like they were excited about starting at this school. So we were making small talk and I asked what brought them to the area.

The younger brother looked at his older brother wondering what the answer would be.

They went on to tell me how their mom was going to take them to their aunt’s house for a few days and so they packed up a couple of things for this trip. But on the drive down, their mom told them that she was leaving their father and that they were moving away for good.

I stood there in shock over what these two teenage brothers were dealing with and what I could only imagine was running through their minds. In literally a matter of days, they were pulled from their home and everything they knew, they found out their mom was leaving their dad and their parents were getting a divorce, and they were preparing to start over in a brand new school.

But before they told me all this, they both had smiles on their faces and acted as if life was good.

Kind of makes you wonder what’s really going on in the lives of others…even when they have a smile on their face.

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  1. Posted July 29, 2010 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    Thats a tough situation to be going through, especially at that age. Glad to hear that they kept there chin up and had a smile on there face. I like that you are speaking to students and impacting there lives in a positive way. Back in high school we had an inspirational pro bike team that I think gave a great message. Check them out at if you’d like.

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