You – booked and PAID in 90 days?

You – booked and PAID in 90 days?

Hey, Grant here—

90 days from now, could you be marking your calendar with your first PAID speaking engagement—and clutching a check for $500, $1,000 or even $2,800?

One of my students, Justin Gentry, recently did a LOT better than that.

He followed a few simple steps I showed him… and landed a booking at a statewide conference in less than 24 hours.

Why not you?

You already have the raw ingredients for success as a high-paid speaker.

You’ve got the drive.

You’ve got a burning passion to influence others.

You know you were *born* to do this.

If you’re like most people who come to me for advice, the only thing stopping you is…

You just don’t know where to start.

There’s so much to think about—building a platform, promoting yourself, negotiating rates, travel arrangements, contracts… The list seems endless.

But what if you didn’t have to figure all this out on your own, because you had a *proven* system that handles all of it for you?

Machinery. A widget to crank.

Turn this handle, send these emails, and speaking gigs pop out the other end.

I’ve spent the last 8+ years building my own speaking business (more than 400 paid engagements and $1,176,841 in career revenue—and counting!).

I’ve experimented, tested and tweaked.

And I have the entire process down to a science.

A paint-by-numbers system that anyone with the drive to succeed as a speaker can follow…

And land PAID gigs in 90 days or less.

Now I’ve spent the last 6 months taking everything I know about:

  • Preparing a message that resonates
  • Finding decision makers and selling yourself even if you *hate* selling
  • Positioning yourself as an expert so you can command top fees
  • Picking a topic and framing it for decision makers so you actually get booked
  • Every possible marketing strategy that has gotten me booked over the years…

And I’ve jammed it all into my new “launch your speaking business” system called—

Booked & Paid to Speak

The system you’ll have in Booked & Paid to Speak takes ALL the guesswork out of launching your speaking career.

This is the exact system I used every day to reliably land gigs that bring in $4,000 or more for a quick overnight trip (more than than $400,000 in revenue last year alone).

Here’s what’s included:

Module 1 – Getting started. Why do you want to speak? Who do you want to speak to?

Module 2 – Developing your talk. Types of talks. Presentation skills.

Module 3 – Your marketing arsenal. Developing your brand. Building your website. Demo video.

Module 4 – Finding events. How to email potential clients. Google and referrals.

Module 5 – The booking process. The inquiry. Fees and negotiation. Before and after the event.

Module 6 – Creating & selling products. Why you need them. Types of products. Selling from the stage.

Module 7 – Running the business. Travel. Finances. Hiring staff.

Module 8 – Going full-time. Business models. Transitioning from your current job. Speaking bureaus.

PLUS – Exclusive access to our private community. Get feedback on your website and demo video. Share leads and tips with other speakers.

I first opened this course up a few months ago as a limited “beta test.”

Here’s what one of these beta students, Thomas Frank, had to say:

“The seemingly daunting process of seeking out clients and negotiating with them had me putting off my speaking efforts for a long time.

“Today, that’s no longer a problem. I now have a speaking page on my website, along with all the other marketing materials I need—and I’m booked for a keynote talk later this year (that pays well). Grant’s course played a huge part in getting me to this point; it’s like he sat down and decided to answer every question I ever had about speaking, and then filmed it.

And the overwhelming feedback from the 130 students in our early access program was:


More face time with me.

More insights from fellow speakers.

More time to answer their specific questions.

So that’s exactly what I’m doing…

ANNOUNCING: The NEW Booked & Paid to Speak Masters Edition

I’ve added a new level on top of the already popular Pro tier.

In addition to full access to all of the course materials, and the private community where you can network with your peers, you also get:

Bonus #1 – Email scripts & swipe files. Copy-and-paste email templates. Follow-up flow chart. Checklists. Forms. It’s ALL here.

Bonus #2 – UNLIMITED consulting (with me!). 6 months of direct email access to me. I’ll answer all your questions.

Bonus #3 – 15-minute strategy Skype call (with me!). We’ll map out your success plan to launch your speaking business.

Bonus #4 – Live group Q&A sessions. Bring all of your burning questions. I’ll share my screen and take you backstage in my 6-figure speaking business.

Bonus #5 – 12 advanced training modules. Strategies and actionable tips from conference planners, decision makers and fellow speakers.

Bonus #6 – 12 speaker case studies. See how other speakers are building their businesses JUST LIKE YOU!

Booked & Paid to Speak is my entire 6-figure business model, packaged up in an easy, plug-and-play system—the only thing missing is YOU.

With this system, you’ll know exactly what to do at every step.

And you’ll have unlimited access to me to help you bust through your sticking points.

Says nationally known speaker Laymon Hicks, “Grant gives you EVERYTHING you need to know how to build a successful speaking business. Stop considering whether you should make the investment in his coaching and JUST DO IT!”

I’m opening the doors on the NEW Booked & Paid to Speak Masters Edition tomorrow at 11am EST / 10am CST / 8am PST.

I won’t kid you—this system isn’t cheap. And it’s not for people who just want to sit on the fence forever and dream about launching their speaking career.

This course is for action-takers who want to see results fast.

If that’s you…

If you’re ready to take your message out to the world…

If you’re ready to start booking engagements and collecting healthy fees…

You’ll want to watch your inbox like a hawk tomorrow.

Because I’ll be letting a select group of eager students into Booked & Paid to Speak at a substantial discount—and you’ll have to act fast to claim it.

So watch for my next email.

And while you’re waiting…

I want to make sure you have all the information you need.

Do you have a question for me?

Just scroll down and leave a comment—I’ll answer every one.

You’re awesome!