Fizzle Bonuses

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Thank you for reading my guest post over at All of your bonuses are below.

Bonus #1: 12 Tips Checklist
  1. Create an avatar for your show
    1. Who is listening?
    2. Why are they listening?
    3. Where do they listen?
    4. What guests do they want to hear? Do they even want guests?
    5. What do they want to get out of your show?
    6. What are they chewing on/pondering/wrestling with in life?
    7. What are their pain points that your show can solve?
  2. Carefully select your categories
    1. Browse through categories you’re interested in and look for…
      1. How many episodes do they have?
      2. How long has their show been around?
      3. How many ratings/reviews do they have?
    2. Remember: iTunes is a search engine
  3. Create quality artwork
    1. Scroll through your categories and see what stands out?
    2. What colors stand out?
    3. What text/fonts are easy/hard to read?
    4. Remember: less is more…the fewer words you have, the better
  4. Turn pro with your show
    1. Take your show and the quality seriously.
    2. A list of my whole setup is below
    3. Remember: A great show with horrible audio quickly becomes a horrible show.
  5. Start with more than one episode
    1. We launched with 5 episodes
    2. People want to binge listen/watch to things they like
    3. Start with a minimum of three
  6. Pick a consistent schedule and stick to it
    1. Don’t bite off more than you can chew
    2. Easier to add to your schedule rather than takeaway
    3. Buffer suggests one of the best days is Tuesday but earlier in the week is better
  7. Run a contest
    1. Give people an incentive to subscribe, leave a rating, and opt-in to your list
    2. See our example at
  8. Reach out to everyone you know for ratings and reviews
    1. Don’t just rely on social media and mass appeals
    2. Email, message, call, text anyone you can think of that owes you a favor 🙂
  9. Find win-win scenarios with guests
    1. Don’t have guests on solely because they have a big audience
    2. Find guests that are a benefit for your audience and will open up a new audience for the guest
  10. Release more than one episode per week
    1. Only do this if you can keep up with it and the quality can remain high
    2. Don’t get caught up in the numbers just for the sake of numbers
  11. Maximize time on New & Noteworthy
    1. We saw a significant difference in our downloads after we went off new & noteworthy
    2. It generally assumed you can be on N&N for up to 8 weeks from the launch of your show
  12. Be a guest on other podcasts
    1. This is the podcasting equivalent to guest posting
    2. Find good crossover shows that are up-and-coming like yours
Bonus #2: Podcasting Tools/Services I Use
Bonus #3: Free Launch Coaching
The winner will be contacted on Friday, September 12.