BONUS: Clarity Course – How To Discover Your Talents

Think back to when you were in school. Did you have a class or subject that always just seemed ridiculously easy to you? So much so that you could sleep through the class (assuming you showed up), but you would still ace the test every time?

Did you also have a class that was the opposite? You showed up…sat on the front row…took notes…did everything you were supposed to do, but it still didn’t make any sense?

Simply put, there are some subjects and skills that just come to you easier than others.

Discover Your SkillsWhen you see a spreadsheet filled with numbers, do you get slightly giddy inside or do you feel yourself wanting to punch the screen?

When you see a closet that is in complete disarray, does your brain start dreaming of ways to organize it all or do you feel a stress-induced headache coming on?

The fact is that there are some challenges that you naturally gravitate to because it aligns with your skillset.

That’s a good thing!

Have you noticed what happens when you do something you’re good at? It’s more enjoyable. You feel more alive. Time flies by. It’s an all-around better experience compared to doing something that makes no sense to you.

So why is it then so many of us spend large percentages of our working days/weeks/years doing work that we’re just not good at?

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Your goal should be to get more off your plate that you’re not good at and more on your plate of what makes sense to you. Now of course, depending on your job, that won’t happen overnight. It’s a process, but it is possible.

But it definitely won’t happen if you can’t even identify what your talents and skills are.

So how do you discover your talents and abilities for your career or business?

In today’s second video from our 3-part series on How To Find Work You Love, I share a simple exercise to help you identify what your talents and abilities are.

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