084: How to Launch Your Entrepreneurial Dream, with Casey Graham

Casey Graham

Do you have a vision for something, but just don’t know how to get started? Casey Graham, founder of The Rocket Company, is our guest today, and shares with us his journey from employee to entrepreneur.  

Casey spent 10 years as an employee, all of which were devoted to working in church ministry. He was so good at it that by the age of 27 he was the chief financial officer of a start-up church. He couldn’t see himself doing anything else, until the entrepreneurial bug bit him.

On this episode of How Did You Get Into That? Casey shares how his business emerged from the years he spent in ministry, why he loves what he does, and how his journey is instructive for anyone wanting to start their own business.


  • What concrete steps can you take to turn your entrepreneurial vision into a reality?
  • The one question you need to ask yourself to get moving in the right direction.
  • Why it is absolutely essential to stay engaged with expenses as a business owner.
  • How do you manage your finances to make it all happen?
  • Casey’s thoughts on who should NOT become an entrepreneur.
  • How do you know when you’re ready to quit your job and make the leap?
  • How Infusionsoft totally changed the game for Casey and The Rocket Company.
  • How do you know if and when to hire employees?


  • What is the only business model that allows you to truly scale up properly?
  • Casey’s secret to selling online/digital content.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear a few additional minutes of the interview, Click here to get the exclusive bonus material.


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