006: How To Discover Your Talents (Chase Reeves)

Chase ReevesYou’ve heard the saying: “Jack of all trades, master of none.”

For many of us this quote makes sense, if you try to be good at too many things, you won’t be great at any one thing.

But our guest for episode 6, Chase Reeves of Fizzle.co, proves you can be a jack of all trades and eventually a master of one, as long as you’re committed to the path it leads you down.


Chase Reeves is one of the co-founders of Fizzle.co, a web site that provides pro training videos and community support for people wanting to successfully run an online business. As Chase says, it’s the best resource for independent, gritty people who don’t want to work in a cubicle!

But he didn’t wave a magic wand and simply create the success Fizzle has today. It took years of following his interests and passions, plenty of ups, downs and stalled starts before he really found something he enjoyed doing and made a profitable living at.


  • Whether Chase has always been interested in business and entrepreneurship.
  • How did he transition his early interests into paying gigs?
  • What did he learn from the start and failure of his first company?
  • How he overcame analysis paralysis.
  • The power of apprenticeships, according to Chase.
  • And so much more!

Chase is the perfect example of pursuing your passions til they lead you to success. His early interests in the creative world led him to exploring and discovering computers and the Internet, those two interests led him down a variety of paths til he landed on Fizzle.

And today he has plenty of advice, laughter and keen insights to share on this show. As funny as Chase is, he is equally wise on what it takes to create a life you love doing work that fulfills you.

In this show, he shares the valuable lessons he has gathered on his journey, as well as some painful discoveries and truths. And everything we discuss will help you move along your path, wherever you are now and wherever you’re going tomorrow.

Chase is a friend and someone I admire, it was awesome to have him on this episode! Drop me a note in the comments below or Tweet me and let me know what you discovered from listening to Chase today.

Tweetable: “The truth about business is that it is a long, long road of many short cycles.” Chase Reeves



Click here to download the transcript for episode 006 (PDF)

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