005: Being Comfortable Not Wanting A Normal Job (Chris Brogan)

Chris BroganDo you ever feel like a freak for wanting something other than a cubicle-based life? If you do, you’re not alone in your feeling and your desire for something else.

And the good news, according to episode 5 guest, Chris Brogan, is that you’ll be one of the freaks inheriting the earth.


In case you don’t know who Chris is or if you just need a reminder of his background, Chris is the man behind Owner magazine and is a business strategist who helps owners grow their businesses, expand their capabilities and connections.

He’s worked with such notable companies as Disney, Google and Coca-Cola. In other words, he knows his stuff!

But like any successful entrepreneur and business owner, Chris didn’t start out where he is today. He rode a real-life roller coaster full of twists, turns and plummeting falls.

He has, in his own words, a “choose-your-own-adventure mindset”. For example, he went to seven different colleges where he took a variety of courses, ranging from psychology to law to English. Though he doesn’t possess a degree today, he says he has paid for his own MBA by breaking things and paying for his mistakes. He simply continues to learn every day.


  • What did he think he wanted to be when he was a child?
  • How did he get his start in the online world?
  • What’s the basic message he’s come to understand after all his years in the business world?
  • Chris’ simple way to find your best customer.
  • What would he say to his 25-year-old self?

One of his basic lessons for those of us interested in entrepreneurship or doing something other than the “norm” with our work and our lives, is to fall in love with not knowing.

Too often we think we have to wait until we know X, Y and Z before moving forward with an idea or a business strategy. Chris believes this stalls our progress, and in some cases, stops some people all together.

In his latest book, The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth, Chris speaks to those of us who know we don’t fit into the typical 9-to-5 world with cubicles and florescent lights.

His book is about getting to the soul of who you really are and is for anyone who feels like they aren’t a “normal” employee, entrepreneur or business owner.

It was an honor to have Chris on the show; I truly admire all he’s accomplished and his tell-it-like-it-is approach to life. I always learn a ton from him, which is why I wanted him to be a guest on the podcast. Leave a comment below or Tweet me and let me know what you learned from Chris and if you’re one of the freaks inheriting the earth!

Tweetable: “There’s no permission fairy going around with a wand, you have to take it.”



Click here to download the transcript for episode 005 (PDF)

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