063: How To Make Money Online (Chris Guthrie)

Chris Guthrie

Ever wondered how some people just seem to have a knack for making money online? That’s the case for our guest on today’s episode, Chris Guthrie.

Chris is an entrepreneur, software developer, blogger and podcaster who knows a thing or two about making a living online. He’s the man behind Entrepreneur Boost and he joins today to share his personal journey and insights, plus lots more on the 63rd edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Growing up in the state of Washington in a middle class family, Chris knew from an early age he wanted to be an entrepreneur. He graduated from college with a marketing degree, but wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, if anything. Soon after college he got married and decided to just get a job, since he hadn’t yet hit it big in the online world.

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He liked playing video games, so he went to work at Microsoft as a tester of one of his favorite games, HALO 2. He wasn’t making much money though – at his regular job, or online through an Amazon affiliate sales account he set up – so he decided it was time to leverage his marketing degree. He quickly landed a sales job at an IT reseller.

Chris says it was a nice job…he made a decent base salary, got promoted a couple of times and won some awards, but at the end of the day it still wasn’t satisfying. During this time, he continued to plow away at Amazon affiliate sales online, and kept getting better and better at it.


  • Why sales is a skill everyone should learn.
  • How to get outside your comfort zone.
  • The secret to taking your business or career to the next level.
  • Marketing 101 for would-be entrepreneurs.
  • How to get started with Amazon affiliate sales.
  • And so much more!

One of the lessons Chris learned during this time was how important sales skills are. They certainly helped him in his day job, but also in his online work. He really wanted to expand his online income more, and realized that he had to find a way to get more valuable traffic to his site.

The key, for him, was getting to know his audience, finding out what they really needed, and differentiating himself from the competition. That’s when he decided to use managed wordpress hosting to create a technology review website. This site eventually generated enough traffic to net him a couple thousand dollars income per month.  Then he knew he was on to something.

Then Chris got fired from his sales job! The mistake he made was letting slip to another sales rep at the company that he was doing this online business thing on the side and making some money at it. Eventually that information got around to his bosses, and they let him go. That was tough, Chris says, but it ended up being just the push he needed to step out on his own as an online entrepreneur.

And he’s done great! Chris sold the technology review website for a six-figure sum, which gave him the capital he needed to try his hand at software development. Leveraging what he already knew about Amazon affiliate sales, he created a WordPress plug in that turned out to be a major hit.

Chris says a big part of his success is due to being around others who are at the level he wants to be. Please join me in thanking Chris for sharing his journey and his entrepreneurial wisdom with us today. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time!

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