Your Roadmap To Clarity

Do you know what your two biggest assets are?

I’ll tell you how to find out. Look at your calendar and your checkbook (do people still keep checkbooks?!)

Time and Money.

Time and money are often the two biggest factors keeping someone from making a change. In the comments section of video #1, several people even said that was their biggest struggle with finding work they loved. 

I totally understand that feeling. Finding work you love is not a magical process wherein you’ll quit your day job on Friday and start your dream job on Monday. It doesn’t work like that.

It does take time to identify work you want to do and make a plan for the transition to that. That’s where Clarity Course will help you.

Your Roadmap To Clarity

The course provides a framework or roadmap to help you gain a better understanding of the career that is an ideal fit for you, so you’re not aimlessly trying to find it on your own.

But Grant….let’s say I actually had clarity for what I’d rather be doing…I can’t just quit my job!

You’re totally right. And I wouldn’t expect you to. We all still have to eat and live indoors!

So as part of the course, once you’ve identified and gained clarity on the career path that makes more sense for you, then we’ll help you create your “Now What” plan.

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Again, the transition won’t happen overnight (I’ve seen it happen in a few months but it took me almost 18 months to go from full-time employment to full-time self-employment).

Yes, it takes time, but I can promise you it will take more time if you don’t know where you’re going.

We’ll help you make a plan to make a smooth transition all while continuing to eat and live indoors!

Today’s video will provide you with the case study of someone who just completed going through the course and is in the process of making their own transition to work they love.

The new year is coming up quick, so I have to ask…if your life were exactly the same it is today one year from now, how would you feel? Disappointed? Bummed out?

You can make 2015 your best year yet and it starts by gaining Clarity.

Click Here To Watch Video #3  

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