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129 – How to Use Story In Your Business, with Donald Miller

storytelling how did you get into that don miller blue like jazzStorytelling has long been how people create connection and share common bonds. Before the written word we told stories and passed them on from generation to generation. The way we use story today in business is no different: we use to create connection, establish and expand bonds with each other.

Here today to share how he’s made a living linking the two – storytelling and business – is best-selling author and successful serial entrepreneur Donald Miller.

Donald shares his insights on how we can integrate story into our businesses, why it’s played such a pivotal role in his life and why stories are fundamentally about selling; all of that and much more on this episode of How Did You Get Into That?.


  • Why he’s always wanted to be a writer.
  • How writing is a form of sales, even fiction writing.
  • What opened his eyes to the business side of writing.
  • What is Storyline and what is Storybrand?
  • How to become the person you say you want to be.
  • The 3 aspects you need in your life to experience deep meaning.
  • And so much more!


  •  How do we apply story to business?
  •  Why does story resonate with him so much?
  • What is the most powerful and compelling tool to a human brain?

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear a few additional minutes of the interview, Click here to get the exclusive bonus material.


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