050: How To Teach Others About Juicing (Farnoosh Brock)

Farnoosh Brock

Have you known someone who’s gone from a technical workpath to a holistic and creative career? Did you ever wonder how they made the transition? Our guest for episode 50 is here to tell you.

Farnoosh Brock left a successful career at a Fortune 100 corporation to start her own company, Prolific Living, Inc., to pursue her passions of writing, holistic health, career coaching and entrepreneurship. Join us as we talk about all of this and more on the 50th edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Originally from Iran, Farnoosh migrated to the United States with her family when she was 15 years old. Her dad’s entire family had come to the States escaping horrible times in Iran. Their family of 5 had only two suitcases and each other when they arrived.

Farnoosh’s parents always emphasized the importance of attaining a good education. They pushed her and her brothers toward engineering. Her goal was always to have enough money not to worry about anything. So she overachieved and got 2 electrical engineering degrees, and built a nice life for herself. She had a great job, security, a home, a family – everything she thought was the American dream.

But she was restless, and was looking for a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in her career. She tried her hand at various IT positions as well as technical writing, sales and executive communications. Farnoosh was evolving as a professional, but felt driven to find fulfillment in a corporate job.


  • How Farnoosh created her exit strategy from corporate life.
  • The importance of being yourself.
  • Her advice for those of us unhappy in our jobs.
  • The myth of the niche: do you really need to focus on one tiny group?
  • How to serve your audience intentionally.
  • And so much more!

The next chapter of her life began with a love of writing. She started a blog, and wrote about anything and everything until she discovered juicing, smoothies and detoxing through an infomercial. She tried juicing, and her life was changed forever. She felt so much better; she lost weight, gained more energy and mental clarity. She started telling everyone about it, including writing about it on her blog. Soon after, a couple of her juicing blog posts went viral.

But the major turning point for her was Blog World in 2010. She saw all kinds of ordinary people who had made a career out of blogging, and she simply asked, “Why not me?” It was a huge shift in perspective. Farnoosh stopped seeing her blog as a hobby and started looking at it as a side hustle.

She started built up a following through a newsletter and a mailing list. From there she surveyed her readers to find out what they wanted. Their verdict? They wanted a book on juicing recipes. So that’s what she gave them! In 2 weeks, Farnoosh had written the book, and sold it directly from her website. Then she put it out on the Amazon Kindle store and it slowly took off.

A traditional publisher soon found her book, and they offered her a contract for what was to become the Healthy Juicer’s Bible. That quickly turned into a 2nd book called the Healthy Smoothie Bible which led to a thriving coaching practice. With the success of her books and her coaching practice Farnoosh hired her husband away from his job, and together they run a thriving media business helping others live their dream lives.

Based on her own experience, Farnoosh believes that you cannot let the doubts and fears stop you from taking action. If you wait until you feel brave enough to take action, it will never happen. Don’t worry about figuring out the big picture. Your job is to just take the next logical step and see where the journey takes you. So far, it’s been quite a journey for Farnoosh!

Please join me in thanking Farnoosh being here and talking about how to find joy, fulfillment and inspiration in the work you do every day. Thank you for being here and we’ll see you next time!

Tweetable: “Don’t try to be someone you’re not.” Farnoosh Brock


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