086: How to Be A Travel Blogger & Photographer, with Gary Arndt

Gary Arndt

What’s your passion? Are you interested in sharing it with others? If so today’s episode is perfect for you! Joining us to talk about passion and business is award-winning travel photographer and blogger Gary Arndt.

In 2007 Gary sold his house and has been traveling around the world ever since. But he wasn’t always a world traveler. In fact, he didn’t get his passport until the age of 28! Today, his web site has been named one of Time magazine’s Top 25 Blogs in the World in 2010.

Gary says he’s always known he would be an entrepreneur. The key for him has been hard work and consistency. On this episode of How Did You Get Into That? Gary shares with us exactly how he did it, as well as some great advice for building your own audience online.


  • How Gary got started traveling for a living.
  • The one thing Gary did to keep people coming back to his site.
  • How do you consciously grow your audience?
  • What do you do if you’re successful with something, but it’s not really your passion?
  • Why being an entrepreneur is not for everyone.
  • How do you gain traction in the competitive travel blog industry?
  • Why there is no magic bullet to building your business.
  • Gary’s advice for people who want to throw in the towel.


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