076 – What It’s Like To Win & Lose A Super Bowl with Grant Wistrom

Grant Wistrom

Just in time for the Super Bowl we’ve got a former NFL player and 3-time Super Bowl attendee, Mr. Grant Wistrom. Grant knows a few things about winning in the big leagues and in life. He played 9 seasons in the NFL, including six with the St. Louis Rams and three with the Seattle Seahawks. In those 9 seasons he made it to three Super Bowls, winning one with the Rams.

Though his pro career didn’t start off on that same foot, in fact he lost more games in his first season in the NFL than he had during his high school and college years combined, his second year with the Rams was worth it when they won the Super Bowl.

If you’ve ever been knocked down by life and wondered how to get back up and how to overcome failure, Grant will show you the way on this episode. Grant joins us to talk about how teamwork matters in the NFL and in any business or career path you pursue, how to celebrate your wins, learn from your losses and get ready for the next step ahead.


  • Why did he end his NFL career?
  • What was his strategy while playing football and how does it relate to yours?
  • Why did his college football team win so many games, and what does that have to do with winning in life in general?
  • Find out how he almost became a Dallas Cowboy, and why he’s glad he was drafted by the Rams instead.
  • Why he calls himself a “terrible professional” during the beginning of his NFL career, and what it’ll teach you about getting ahead in your career.
  • Why success and failure don’t matter as much as this one thing does. Grant tells us what that is.
  • What’s the closest thing to being a rock star that he’s ever done?
  • What was Grant most astonished by during the week prior to the big game?


  • Grant gives us the insider’s scoop on what really happens that week before the big game.
  • What does it feel like to win and to lose a Super Bowl? And what lessons can you learn from Grant’s experiences?
  • How can you tell which team is going to win the Super Bowl? Grant has the answer.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear a few additional minutes of the interview, Click here to get the exclusive bonus material.


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