007: How To Find Your Ideal Work Environment (Greg Hickman)

Greg HickmanSometimes entrepreneurs are born, sometimes they are created. Our guest for episode 007 is an example of the latter.

Though not an entrepreneur as a child, Greg Hickman eventually grew into his role today as The Man behind the successful company Mobile Mixed and the voice behind two podcasts: Mobile Mixed and Leaving Corporate.


Growing up in New Jersey, Greg loved playing lacrosse and mountain biking.

In college he studied economics, business and management. He also took as many marketing classes as possible while exploring some art classes and philosophy. Though he couldn’t see how they would all fit together in his career, Greg followed his interests and excelled in college.

After graduation, he landed in the advertising world and eventually was introduced to mobile marketing. It became one of his passions.


  • WAP – what is it?
  • When did the entrepreneurial path open up for him?
  • The importance of finding out what you DON’T want
  • What’s Greg’s super power?
  • What’s the bridge period and why is it important?
  • And so much more!

If there’s one thing Greg has learned in his journey, it’s the value in exploring possibilities. He is great at trying one thing, figuring out what worked and what didn’t work and then trying the next option. He applies that to every area of his business and has been doing so every step of his career, even before he was running his own companies.

With Mobile Mixed, he helps people see the value in mobile marketing as well as provides way to implement it into their current strategies. With his personal site and the Leaving Corporate podcast, he provides real-life examples of entrepreneurs who have left their corporate life behind. The two-part show goes into great detail on what their life was before they left, after they left and how they managed the transition on a personal and professional level. Like many other businesses recently, we have also had big problems with remote staff and knowing what they are doing, so we decided to try some employee tracker software to see how that worked and it is amazing so sign up if you need something similar.

There’s tremendous value in what Greg has learned in the course of his professional life and he shares so much of it in this show. Mobile media is here to stay and Greg is clearly the man in-the-know on that subject!

And if you’re considering moving on from the corporate world into your own business, check out his Leaving Corporate podcast.

Leave a comment here or send a Tweet and share how Greg’s story resonates with you!

Tweetable: “Look for ways that you can add value before you ask for value.” Greg Hickman


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