119 – How to Create a Miracle Morning, with Hal Elrod


How the most successful people start their days is something that has been studied and talked about. But have you ever considered what would happen if you combined the six most common practices of the most successful? our guest for today’s show did and he’s created a sensation!

In this episode, Hal Elrod of The Miracle Morning talks about his near-death experience, what it was like to hit rock bottom (twice!), and how those experiences helped him create his New York Times best-seller The Miracle Morning.


  • His first entrepreneurial venture at 15 was doing what?
  • Was he a high achiever in high school?
  • How long was he clinically dead?
  • How he willed himself to walk again, when the doctors said he wouldn’t.
  • What is the 5 minute rule?
  • What are the SAVERS and why do they matter?
  • And so much more!


  • Can you do The Miracle Morning if you aren’t a morning person?
  • How to beat your snooze button: Hal shares his top tips.

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear a few additional minutes of the interview, Click here to get the exclusive bonus material.


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