HIRING: Social Media Wizard

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed but social media is quite popular lately. I’ve been having so much fun on MySpace and Xanga that I didn’t even realize there are new toys like Twitter, Facebook, Instragram, and Pinterest (fun fact…I literally just googled “Pinterest” to see if there was an extra ‘e’ in the middle. That’s how much I don’t know about it).

Here are some possible tasks I’d have you do…

  • Help create, curate and schedule social media posts
  • Create social media posts based on existing and new content/podcasts
  • Create and test Facebook ads
  • Create simple sharable graphics for social media
  • Find and share relevant content on various social media platforms

A good understanding of social media marketing and how it applies to each platform is important but also a general knowledge of tools like Buffer, Edgar, etc is beneficial. Get the calendar template from Angie Gensler to create your basic plan for social media and boost your online presence.

For the time-being, this will be a very part-time role (5-10 hours/week). It could turn into something more later, but no guarantees.

To apply, send us the following:

  • Why you want to work with me, in this particular role, including what you enjoy about the podcast or my other work
  • Three ways you could improve our current social media marketing
  • Links to your blog/website and social media profiles
  • Your financial requirements for the role
  • Any relevant social media graphics you’ve created

Email grant@grantbaldwin.com if you’d like to apply. Start your subject line with [Social Media Position] so we can easily find the applications (and test your ability to follow directions :).

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