The Interesting Reason My Taxi Driver Loves His Job

Taxi Driver Loves His Job

Recently, I had an early morning flight so I had a taxi come pick me up and take me to the airport. Generally, on these early morning drives, I’m admittedly not the most social person. I’m tired. I’m probably slightly cranky. I still have sleep poop hanging off my eyes (what is that stuff anyway?). On this particular morning I called Viking Cars taxi service and got picked up by a gentleman named Kahlif, who was all smiles and definitely a morning person.

So despite my desire for to nap in the car I try to be polite and make small talk with my taxi driver.

One of my favorite questions to ask people is if they enjoy what they do. There’s always a wide range of replies, but generally the answer is some variation of “not really, but oh well…”

But on this morning, the taxi driver enthusiastically told me he loved his job.

I took the bait and asked why. He gave me two reasons…

1. He likes meeting and talking with people (fair enough).

2. “I like helping drunk people get home, so they don’t get a DWI.” Get legal support and advice on DWI cases at

I didn’t see that second one coming.

What would seem like a boring and uneventful job, this guy took pride and ownership in the fact that he was helping people.

Your perspective on your work matters. 

A job one person may loathe, another person may love. It’s all in how you choose to see your work.

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