002: How To Interview and Connect with Millionaires (Jaime Tardy)

Jaime Tardy

What would your life look like if you interviewed millionaires for a living? Do you think you’d be doing some things differently than you are right now?

Our guest for episode 002 is living that life. Jaime Tardy, fellow podcaster, author of The Eventual Millionaire and friend, joins us to talk about how she walked away from a prestigious six-figure income job during a quarter-life crisis to find her path to freedom.


From a very early age, Jaime Tardy knew one thing: she was going to make a million dollars and she was going to be a millionaire. Having watched her parents struggle as entrepreneurs, she didn’t choose that path straightaway and instead opted for an undergraduate degree and a six-figure job right after graduation.

Eventually the travel demands became too heavy and she grew tired of being away more than she was home; she realized there had to be a better way to earn a good living and enjoy her time. She and her husband also wanted to have a baby and there was no way she could raise a child with her current work schedule. She knew it was time to do something different.


  • Where does her interest in millionaires come from?
  • How long it took her to become fully self-sustaining after she left her job and her son was born.
  • How she found the courage to take action, even when she didn’t know how to do something.
  • What were the insecurities and fears she had to overcome on her journey to creating The Eventual Millionaire?
  • What advice would she give to her 24-year old self today?

With that commitment, Jaime struck out on her own and created a new path. In this episode, she talks the preparation she did to walk away from her job and the discovery process she embarked on to find her ultimate calling with the book and the podcast, The Eventual Millionaire.

Jaime’s story is full of courage and inspiration for all of us, wherever we are on our path. How she has created the success she has is one of the many reasons I was thrilled to have her on the show.  Plus she’s one of my favorite people!

I hope you enjoy listening to this episode, and you gather all of her valuable knowledge to provide you with that spark you need to keep pursuing your passions and your goals.

TWEETABLE: “Nobody is stopping me, but me. I can take whatever actions I want.”



Click here to download the transcript for episode 002 (PDF)

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