015: How To Start A Lifestyle Apparel Brand (Jake Thompson)

Jake ThompsonDid you ever wonder what it would be like to be a sports agent, to be a real-life Jerry Maguire?  Our guest for episode 15, Jake Thompson, was on that path until just a short awhile ago.

Find out what made him pivot and change course after investing six years of his life to become a sports agent. Instead of being the next Jerry Maguire, today he is the CEO and founder of the lifestyle brand, Compete Every Day.


Jake was raised in Texas, the next in line of a succession of business men. From his grandfather to his father, he grew up as part of a family of entrepreneurs and he was no different.

In college and graduate school, Jake was committed to his dream of working as a sports agent. He loved sports and he loved business; it was the best of both worlds for him.

But about two weeks before completing his graduate degree, something in his gut told him it wasn’t the path for him. He understood he needed to get out. And so he did.

Having invested six years of training, Jake had two choices: either fret over having invested those six years and now having no career to show for it OR take what he learned and go forward.


  • His advice if you’re trying to figure out what’s next: his advice for you.
  • How he lost five figures on one event and why he wouldn’t change a thing about the experience.
  • Why taking quitting off the table changes everything in your life: your business, your relationships, etc.
  • Why there’s no such thing as an overnight success.
  • The story of Dr. Seuss’ rejection and how it relates to you.

Though he didn’t know what he was going to do going forward, he did know if he looked to his connections and his previous experience over the last six years he would figure it out.

At first he went into consulting, which was a lucrative choice for him. For about two years he worked in that world until again his gut told him there had to be more to his life than just making a lot of money. He could see how great it was to make a healthy income, but he also understood he couldn’t take that money with him. In his heart, he wanted to leave a legacy and an impact on the world.

Through a brainstorming process and a lot of support and guidance from his friends and connections, he came up with Compete Every Day or CED for short.

CED is a lifestyle brand based on the belief that everyone has a life worth competing for and CED provides the apparel and the internal motivation to do so. CED sells a clothing line with a story and an impactful community behind it, both keys to the company’s success.

Please join me in thanking Jake for sharing his story, his insights and his time on this episode. Leave a comment below or send a Tweet and tell him how motivating he was!

Tweetable: “Your setbacks are always setups for your greatest comebacks.” Jake Thompson 



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