013: Financial Stability For Career Transitions (JD Roth)

JD RothIf you’re like most people, you’d like to be financially free but you have little to no idea how to get there. JD Roth was in that same boat just a few short years ago.

He joins the show to talk about what changed and how he dug himself out personal debt to be financially free and happy today.


Once upon a time, JD Roth would’ve been the last person you would expect to be writing a blog about personal finance. He had, in his words, no direction in his life and was simply reacting as life came at him. And the same went for his money and his finances.

At one point he found himself with $35,000 worth of debt and no idea how to pay it off. With the help of friends, he created a plan. From that plan, the super successful Get Rich Slowly blog was born.

 Though originally it was started as a way to make a few hundred dollars extra every month, the blog eventually grew to generate that amount every day (and on really good days a few thousand dollars!). It soon became its own enterprise and JD was at its helm.


  • Why money didn’t make him happy.
  • How many years did he spend “aimless” after college?
  • How he overcame his fear of public speaking.
  • His advice for someone wanting to blog or get into personal finance field.
  • Mr Money Mustache’s personal finance blog: how it has become so successful.

By combining four main threads and interests of his (writing, psychology, personal debt and computers/the Internet), JD found his niche and made his mark.

He relied on three main things to succeed with Get Rich Slowly: he focused on his own personal story and sharing it candidly with his readers, building a community through communication and connection and finally, he leveraged his existing relationships.

That formula paid off in dividends when he sold his blog in 2009 for a substantial amount of money. Today he still contributes for the Get Rich Slowly site and also writes for his own blog, and Entrepreneur magazine among other publications.

Wherever he is published,  he says he writes about money and the pursuit of happiness in all of his work. His goal is to share all that he has learned and is continuing to learn, with as many people as he can.

If you enjoyed what JD had to share with you here, leave a comment below and send a Tweet! Tell us what personal finance tips you learned about money and happiness.

Tweetable: “I learn more from my failures, than from my successes sometimes.”  



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