080: How To Produce Events For The White House with Jeff Douglass

Jeff Douglass

Believe it or not there IS a surefire way to get your customers to do your marketing for you. And here to give us the secret is our guest for today’s show, Jeff Douglass.

Jeff is the Founder and CEO of Cybis Communications, a creative communications company that produces award-winning creative media solutions and live event management for clients worldwide.

Join us as we talk about how Jeff got started, his customer marketing secrets, and more on this edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Like most kids growing up, Jeff wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his life. However, when he was a freshman in high school, Jeff attended a Future Business Leaders of America event, and was absolutely captivated. From that point forward, he knew he wanted to produce events just like it.

Since there really wasn’t a degree for live event management, Jeff studied computer science and information systems in college. Not sure how to start, he took a job selling insurance just to pay the bills. Through that experience, he found that he really needed to be around creative people.

Then he went to a big insurance event that was one part rally and one part training seminar. Being there he knew he wanted to be the guy behind the soundboard, behind the camera, behind the stage: he wanted to be the guy putting on the show. This was his life’s calling!


  • Why stage design really matters.
  • How do you get your customers to market for you?
  • What it’s really like working with the Secret Service!
  • How can you discover what you’re really good at?
  • How to get started in live event production.
  • And so much more!

What really drew him to this type of work was the energy. He loved the power of multimedia and live events to move people to action, inspire them and lift them up. So Jeff started doing design and video work on the side. He lived near the University of Central Florida, and got a ton of great experience volunteering at the university’s live events.

Soon after he founded Cybis Communications. He recruited some friends and they simply started putting together ideas of how they could best serve people.They did whatever people needed initially until they were asked to produce some live events, that’s when things really took off.

For each gig they worked, they focused in on the details and going above and beyond to produce a top quality event. This, Jeff says, is the secret to getting more business. If you do a great job for your customers, they will become your biggest fans and will actually sell your services for you. Today their clients include Fortune 500 companies, non-profits, The White House, student leadership organizations, fashion labels, among others.

The reason they have such an impressive client roster, according to Jeff, is because his company shows up, works hard, pays attention to detail, and exceeds the expectations of their customers. Following that same strategy will work for you too.

Please join me in thanking Jeff for sharing his awesome business wisdom with us today. Thank you all for being here and listening in. We’ll see you next time!

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  1. Grant! This podcast interview is so inspiring for me! My dream some day is to work for an events company and this was exactly the interview I needed to make an action list and get started on this dream! Thank you so much for doing it! Love the podcast!

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