049: Building A Business Around Being Charming (Jordan Harbinger)

Jordan Harbinger

Have you ever wondered how some people just “have it” when it comes to social skills? Are you looking for more confidence in your life? If so, then you’ll want to listen to today’s show and our guest, Jordan Harbinger.

Jordan is owner of The Art of Charm, a men’s lifestyle company that helps men develop world class social skills and take their lives to the next level. Join us as we talk about the necessity of social skills as well as technical skills and more on the 49th edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Growing up, Jordan thought he wanted to be a talk show host. But, he admits, he was also a little intimidated by a non-traditional path, as most of his friends were planning to become a doctor or a lawyer or an engineer.

He tried worked for Best Buy after college, but it was a terrible experience. Restless, he moved to the Ukraine and taught English for awhile. After that, he finally gave in and took the safe route: he went to law school at the University of Michigan where he had completed his undergrad. Everybody said if he went to Michigan law, he’d end up with a six-figure job afterward, so he followed the money. But his heart wasn’t in it.

During law school, he started learning dating skills from his friend and future business partner AJ. They began to succeed with women like they never had before, and soon developed it all into a system that they started to share with others. From there they created a podcast. It started off slow in terms of listeners but soon they had well over 10,000 downloads per month. The popularity grew day by day.


  • Why it really is all about networking and people skills.
  • The importance of having a “go for it” attitude in life.
  • How to reverse engineer social skills you observe in others.
  • Why the “you’re either born with it or you’re not” idea is a myth.
  • Why the right environment is KEY to your success.
  • And so much more!

But Jordan stuck with the traditional route, sat for the bar exam, and landed a job at a top Wall Street firm. Each new attorney at the firm was placed with a mentor. Jordan’s mentor was Dave, one of the most popular partners in the firm, but Dave was never around. When Jordan and Dave met he wanted to know what Dave was doing and how he was out of the office but still killing it for the firm financially.

Dave told him it was because he generated business for the firm all day socializing with potential clients while everyone else stayed in and billed hours. Dave made his living building relationships, influencing and selling.

That spurred Jordan to read every networking book he could get and observe Dave more closely. He quickly came to realize you can be the best lawyer on the planet, but if that’s all you are, you’re ultimately just a highly technically skilled wage earner.

What he needed were the social skills, the art of charm as it were, to create the career and life he wanted. Jordan also knew he needed to focus on sharing these via the podcast, even though he didn’t know where it could lead.

He didn’t have to wait too long. Soon they started getting calls from normal guys who needed help. They got a call from a mortgage banker in CA who was filthy rich but had no friends at all. They got calls from guys who wanted to just fly in and follow their every move. Because of Jordan and AJ’s working schedules, they had to hire coaches to teach the curriculum they had developed.

Today they both coach men from all over the world, and the transformations of their students have been nothing short of incredible. Jordan says one of the most important skills he developed was how to tactfully push people into giving him exactly what he wanted. He would ask questions until he got to the root of how people actually did what they did. He simply reverse engineered what some people did naturally, systematized it, and shared it with the world.

Please join me in thanking Jordan for sharing his story, his experiences and how he has developed The Art of Charm. Thanks for being here, thank you for listening and we’ll see you next time!

Tweetable: “Don’t rationalize why something won’t work.” Jordan Harbinger


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