057: How To Break Into Vegas Entertainment (Laci Urcioli)

Laci Urcioli

Do you have dreams of becoming an entrepreneur but just aren’t sure what you want to do? If so, then you’ll want to listen to today’s show and our guest, Laci Urcioli.

Laci is a marketing expert, entrepreneur, and co-host of the wildly successful podcast, The Cerrone Show, which just hit one million downloads.

Today she shares her personal journey to becoming an entrepreneur. Join us as we talk about all of this and more on the 57th edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Laci grew up in Las Vegas, in an entertainment family. She learned to dance and perform theater with her parents, who had a traveling show band. Entertainment had always been a part of her life. When it came time to develop her own career, she started her corporate journey in the gaming industry that loves de.slotzo.com/. With no formal training, Laci found herself in marketing at a great company that was willing to let her learn on the job.

She spent the next several years as an executive, focused mainly on marketing and player development at a large casino website chain. She also handled the marketing function for a gaming manufacturer. But something wasn’t quite right. It was all so…corporate. Laci was getting tired of the corporate environment and really needed something different.

Laci dreamt of a job where she could marry her marketing skills and experience with her love of the entertainment industry. Not two months after she said it out loud, she landed a gig at Cirque du Soleil as Director of Marketing for their Resident Shows Division. It was the perfect fit!


  • Why working for Cirque du Soleil wasn’t so glamorous
  • What to do when you aren’t challenged in your current job
  • Why knowing your strengths is key to your success as an entrepreneur
  • How to give yourself permission to explore and experiment
  • How to break into the entertainment industry (or any industry)
  • And so much more!

Two weeks after she started working at Cirque, her boss asked her to speak at an event at the Bellagio. So her boss threw it to her and told her to give them anything. So she prepared a presentation on what she knew – marketing. Expecting 50 people, she arrived to a room full of 250 people who were ready for a talk on how to bring creativity to event planning, not marketing!

Being the creative entrepreneur she is, Laci rolled with it. That session turned into an hour and a half long Q&A on what it’s like to work at Cirque. Laci told the truth about her job, dispelling their perception that it was glamorous and exciting.

As she did, she realized the truth: there were some totally mundane, unexciting aspects to her job. And they were starting to wear on her; she simply didn’t feel fulfilled and she just couldn’t run on autopilot anymore.

Shortly after life stepped in and offered her a solution: her job was eliminated. It was time she made herself involved in online slots uk gambling to entertain and make a difference. It was the push she needed to step out on her own as a freelance marketing consultant, which led to her position as the Vice-President of Marketing for Jabbawockeez. Jabbawockeez is an anonymous hip-hop dance group known for being the winners of the first season of America’s Best Dance Crew.

She eventually left them, and soon after met her current business partner Chris Cerrone. Today she and Chris are co-hosts of Chris’ podcast, The Cerrone Show. They run a business coaching group together called the Next Level Society. She also started a hand-dyed yarn business.

Laci says the one thing that helped her realize she could become an entrepreneur was erasing the old picture she had of herself. The key was surrounding herself with people who were already doing what she wanted to do. And slowly but surely, she developed a new picture of herself as someone who could do anything she wanted. And she’s doing it!

Please join me in thanking Laci for sharing her story, her wisdom and her insights with us today. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time!

Tweetable: “The path is never linear.” Laci Urcioli


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