009: Consciously Designing Your Life and Career (Laura Roeder)

Laura RoederIf you had the ultimate in time and financial freedom, where would you go? Or what if you could work from anywhere in the world, where would you be? If you’re like our guest for episode 9, you’d go everywhere whenever you chose!

Laura Roeder teaches entrepreneurs about social media marketing. She does so with her online social media training business and she does so from anywhere in the world.


Laura grew up in an entrepreneurial-type environment in Austin, Texas. Her father is a self-employed architect and her mother manages his business.

It clearly had an impact on her; Laura showed the initiative and hustle of an entrepreneur at an early age. When she was in the fifth grade, one of her first endeavors was a dance camp for the young kids in her neighborhood. The older kids taught the younger kids how to dance and Laura organized the event.

As she grew up and began to think of a career path, running her own business was always a viable option. After high school, she pursued a degree in advertising and wanted to become a designer with a publishing company after college.

And she did land a design job, but it soon became clear that freelancing was the way to achieve the time freedom she wanted.


  • How did she land her first freelance gigs?
  • Why she fired all of her web design clients before pursuing a new path social media.
  • How much did she make with her first online training course?
  • What does she think is the key to building relationships?
  • The important questions to ask yourself as you and your business grow.
  • And so much more!

Laura initially wanted to work part-time in her design job and grow her freelance business during her non-work hours. Her employer agreed but rescinded their offer the day before she was set to go part-time. They said she could be full-time with them or not employed, there were no other options.

Undaunted, Laura chose to quit and go into freelance design full-time. She enjoyed it and made a good living, but soon found social media was growing in popularity and her clients were asking for it.

Being the entrepreneur she is, she saw the opportunity in social media and made a plan to capitalize on it. She began as a social media consultant and quickly developed an information product on how to use Twitter. When the cash started coming in, Laura knew she was on to something so she gradually cut back on her consulting gigs and focused solely on building online training course in social media.

Her business was born and she finally had the time and financial freedom she had long desired. Today she continues to grow her business and examine her long-term strategies.

And the best part for her? She does so anywhere in the world. From Paris to Greece and all points in between, Laura works and travels as she choses.

Tweetable:Take a step in the direction that feels inspiring to you.” Laura Roeder



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