012: Building A Business Off What Feels Right (Michael Gebben)

Michael Gebben

If you could go back in time, would you take a year off after high school and try your hand at a particular job or field? Our guest for episode 12 opted to pursue his interest in video production after high school, rather than go directly to college.

He invested in something he was passionate about and it worked out well for him! Michael Gebben now runs a successful video company doing what he loves. He’s built a powerful name for himself and has the pleasure of working with top name clients, including Tony Robbins and Tim Ferriss.


Growing up Michael Gebben had an entrepreneurial streak a mile wide. He had his own newspaper route and a few other endeavors. He was always hustling!

And that hustle paid off in a significant way when his father connected him with a funeral service, avalon, who wanted slide shows done for their clients. Never one to turn down an opportunity, Michael took a shot and applied his knowledge and interest in video to creating slides for them.

Those slides led to work filming a wedding which led to more business. In his first year, he earned $6k. Doesn’t sound like much right? He was a junior in high school earning $6 an hour at a regular job! He doubled it the next year as a senior so after graduating, he gave it a shot full-time.


  • How much he made his first year after HS
  • What’s shiny object syndrome and do you have it?
  • Why you MUST believe in what you do.
  • How he got to work with Tony Robbins.
  • When to do free work: when to do it and when not, according to Michael.
  • And so much more!

Opting not to go to college that next year, Michael promised his parents he would go if the video thing didn’t work out after a year. Through hustle, hard work and applying his talents and enthusiasm, Michael grew his business in that one year and has never looked back!

Today he has shot wedding videos all over the United States and in Puerto Rico and the Bahamas. He’s done commercial work for a variety of talented and big name clients like Tony Robbins.

On this show, Michael talks about what he’s learned on his journey and how it can help you on yours. Whether you’re an entrepreneur or an employee, Michael has valuable suggestions and recommendations to help you create the kind of work you love and are passionate about!

Leave a comment below or send a Tweet and let us know what it is that you’re so passionate about and are pursuing now, thanks to Michael’s show.

Tweetable: “When things feel right, you gotta just run with them.”  Michael Gebben


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