natalia sisson suitcase entrepreneur how did you get into that

128 – How to be a Suitcase Entrepreneur, with Natalie Sisson

natalia sisson suitcase entrepreneur how did you get into that

Have you ever fantasized about spending your days traveling the world – and still running a successful business? Our guest for today’s show has done and continues to do just that – she’s the suitcase entrepreneur.

She didn’t start out as an entrepreneur, but she’s had an adventurous spirit all her life! On this episode Natalie shares her transition from 8 years in the corporate world to living life on the road, and building a successful enterprise in the process.

Natalie Sisson joins us to talk freedom, adventure, entrepreneurship and much more on this episode of How Did You Get Into That?.


  • How many countries has Natalie been to?
  • How many streams of income does she have?
  • What was one of the first books about online business I read?
  • Where does her travel/freedom/adventure bug come from?
  • How did she go from broke to 15k in one month?
  • Natalie’s practical steps to start building and living the life you truly desire.
  • And so much more!


  • What is one of Natalie’s craziest travel stories and what can you learn from it?
  •  What tools and apps does she recommend to make traveling easier?

If you enjoyed this episode and want to hear a few additional minutes of the interview, Click here to get the exclusive bonus material.


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