140 – How to Start and Grow a Digital Magazine, with Nathan Chan

Nathan Chan of Foundr magazine joins How Did You Get Into That's Grant Baldwin for a chat about Foundr, entrepreneurship and running a digital magazine empire.

You’d never know it by his success but Foundr’s creator Nathan Chan had never started a business prior to starting the digital magazine!

If The Impostor Syndrome has ever shown up in your life, or if you haven’t yet taken the entrepreneurial plunge but really want to, this episode is for you.

Nathan Chan was a support engineer in the IT field before creating Foundr magazine. On today’s edition of How Did You Get Into That? Nathan shares why he made Foundr, how he grew his subscribers and how he continues to leverage the success of Foundr into bigger and better things!


  • Why did Nathan feel like an impostor in the early days of Foundr?
  • What role has consistency played in his success?
  • Why did he give the magazine a year?
  • How did he get Sir Richard Branson to say yes to an interview?
  • What does Nathan suggest if you want to start your own digital magazine?
  • How has Nathan leveraged the interview with Sir Richard Branson?
  • Why is there no e in the Foundr name?
  • And much, much more!


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