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What Educators Are Saying…

“Grant was chosen as the opening keynote for our National Leadership Conference. Most ‘inspirational speakers’ today work from a specific template presentation, a ‘cookie cutter’ approach that fits the masses, but Grant is different. If you are looking for something different from your next speaker, consider Grant Baldwin. He won’t disappoint.”
Kirk Lawson – National BPA Executive Director

“We were extremely pleased with his performance and encourage other universities to consider Grant Baldwin for their programs. Grant’s style suited new college students perfectly.”
Sarah Rockwell Merrill – Orientation Coordinator – Iowa State University

“Your keynote address was well received, and I heard the message from your keynote referenced several times throughout the conference. I even used the “No Excuses” line myself!”
Christine Hollingsworth – Missouri FCCLA State Advisor

“Grant Baldwin was beyond funny. I could not stop laughing during his jokes. But when it came down to the serious stuff I nearly cried. He kept you on the edge of your chair begging for more.” ”
Louisiana FFA

“I cannot say enough about how pleased I was with Grant’s abilities. He left our students, families and staff wanting more. If you are not considering Grant for your next event, you are missing out!”
Western Wyoming GEAR UP

“Working with Grant Baldwin and his team was over the top. The level of enthusiasm and energy that Grant’s keynote generated helped create a successful conference. The Baldwin Group is the whole package!”
Barb Frates – Wyoming FBLA State Chairperson

“Your enthusiasm and concern for today’s youth is apparent in your actions and words. As a convention planner, I could not have hoped for more!”
Keith Dietzschold – Missouri FFA Executive Secretary

“Grant was a positive influence and presence throughout the entire conference. He truly cares about the future of our youth and is an inspiration for all he comes into contact with. His approach and delivery is pointed and effective as he seamlessly blends an inspirational message with humor appropriate for audiences of all ages and backgrounds.”
Lisa Stoner-Torbert – Delaware BPA State Advisor

“You owe it to yourself and to the young people you work with to arrange a visit from Grant! He fits GEAR UP so well. Grant is as genuinely concerned and effective a speaker as anyone I have encountered. You and your students will not be disappointed.”
Ray Wheeler – GEAR UP Coordinator – Todd County Schools, KY

“Your vivacious personality coupled with your method of delivery kept the students attention through the entire presentation. It is comforting to know that what you said may have helped change a young person’s life!”
Sharon Pierce – Texas FCCLA State Advisor

“Grant delivered a message that was both entertaining and uplifting. He was also a terrific talent with which to work. We highly recommend Grant Baldwin for any future engagement. You will not be disappointed!”
Indiana HOSA

“The evaluations are in – and you were a hit!”
Bev Newton – Nebraska FBLA State Adviser

“Grant is a versatile speaker who can manage both large and small groups as well as provide training for advisors.”
Terry Hamm – TX Student Council State Executive Director

“Grant was fantastic! Following his keynote for advisors, we put Grant in the largest room we had and as evidence on how well the audience liked him, it was standing room only!”
Kelly Arrington – Oklahoma CareerTech/ACTE

“I find Grant to be an absolute joy to work with and will absolutely continue to hire him for student conferences.”
Tammy Brothers – Program Director – West Central Indiana ESC

“I’ve worked as coordinator for this conference for over 10 years and have had the privilege of working with several excellent speakers, but Grant is a step above. I’ve never seen students respond to a speaker on a level in which they did with him.”
Chellie Phillips – Alabama Summer Youth Conference

“Grant not only connected quickly with our high school students, but he also captured the attention and respect of the parents in our audience. Your team will be hearing from me in the future when I need a speaker!”
Martha Vick – Executive Director – Wilson Education Partnership, NC

“Your efficiency in preparing for the event made my job as the event planner effortless. I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to work with you and provide this event for our staff and student employees. Thanks again for your inspiration!”
Paula McLain – Coordinator of Student Employment – NW Missouri State University

“Grant’s overall performance was professional. He embodied what it means to be a keynote speaker and engaged our students through the leadership sessions. WI DECA would work with Grant Baldwin again in the future.”
Sara Baird – Wisconsin DECA State Advisor

“Grant’s presentation empowered students to make no excuses, all while the students were laughing hysterically and hanging on every word of Grant’s presentation. We were very pleased with the talk and would be delighted to have him back in the future.”
Jen Staley – Indiana HOSA + FCCLA State Advisor

“Grant was easy to work with and the passion he has for his work is obvious. We even had administrators ask for information on contacting Grant to speak at their schools. This speaks volumes!”
Joe Coles – SWPRSC Student Services Coordinator

“I found Grant Baldwin to be everything he is advertised to be, and more. Working with Grant was a pleasure. He is thorough, calm, professional and positive. More importantly, Grant exhibited genuine interest in our youth and the event itself. Our youth and adults were attuned to his presentation, laughing, smiling, and nodding their heads. We have invited Grant back to speak and look forward to working with him once again.”
Bradd Anderson – Missouri 4H Youth Development Specialist

“Grant’s lively presentation brought laughter throughout the room, while the serious moments were thought provoking. He mingled with the audience before the presentation and lingered afterwards to talk to students. His genuine interest in them was evident.”
Linda Morgan – Oklahoma FBLA-PBL State Adviser

“I knew from the first time that I spoke to you on the phone that you were going to be perfect for our students. You listened to me and worked with me to create our most successful event to date. You really pulled through for Farmington High School, and for that I give my highest recommendation.”
Courtney Landheer, Farmington High School – Farmington, CT

“I am still getting positive comments from the attendees who heard Grant speak! He is the first speaker I have had a quite some time that the students raved about. I found things stated about him on his website to be true. You will want to consider using him for one of your conferences.”
Glenice Hall – Minnesota Delta Epsilon Chi Executive Director

“Grant has the skill to share a passion and power with the kids that motivates them to succeed in any aspect of life they choose. He had an excellent keynote presentation as well as workshop that tied into what our members were working on. He also stayed and did some teamwork activities with the students. Grant was personable, fun and right on point with what we were looking for!”
Ryan McElhaney – Youth With Vision – Kansas City, MO

“We really did enjoy having you here, Grant. You did your job wonderfully and you are a class act, but you were also so easy to have around. You don’t know how much that means to those of us planning the conference and working with the speakers.”
Jane Suberg – Montana Student Council Executive Director

“Grant we really enjoyed your speaking at YES. I must say you were one of the most motivational speakers I have heard in my time dealing with YES.”
American Quarter Horse Association

“As usual, you were awesome. Thanks so much for being willing to jump right in and help! It’s great to have someone like you as a part of our conferences. Looking forward to having you back in April as well.”
Tammy Brothers – Program Director – West Central Indiana ESC

“Grant was able to get the attention of staff and students and allow them to participate in the process. It is so obvious that Grant really likes the students and that the students feel comfortable with him.”
Julie Monarch – Breckinridge County High School, KY – GEAR UP Coordinator

“This was our first big event and the first time that we have brought in a speaker for our program, and the evaluations look GREAT! All the students loved you and the parents loved the message in the evening.”
Jennifer Benjamin – Educational Talent Search – Emporia, KS

“Grant Baldwin is an excellent speaker! He related well to his teenage audience interjecting lots of humor into his presentation. His talk was fast-paced which keeps today’s teens on task. I have already requested him as our first choice speaker for next year. I can highly recommend him.”
Counselor, Neosho High School

“As a counselor who has worked with a wide array of age groups, from kindergarteners to college students, I have heard multiple speakers. I believe that Grant Baldwin is one of the most effective and genuine speakers I have encountered. He believes in the message he sends, and above all, it is apparent that he believes in the students who receive his message. It is without reservation that I recommend Grant Baldwin.”
Counselor, Monett High School

“I have observed Grant several times communicating to many types of audiences. He is very effective in connecting with the individuals to whom he speaks and makes the information relevant to where they are in life. I highly recommend Grant as a speaker for all audiences.”
Andy Denton – Vice President, Evangel University

“Grant is my first choice when I need someone to speak. I have to be confident that whoever I bring in to speak is going to connect with our students. Grant is not only a great communicator but he also understands what is expected and delivers consistently.”
Troy Hartman – Student Director, Missouri

What Students Are Saying…

“Thank you for getting to know the state officers. It was fun to interact with you backstage, and we sincerely appreciated your desire to mingle with us. Your message was life-changing!”
Nebraska FBLA State Treasurer

“Grant is one of the best speakers I’ve ever seen!”
Joseph Riley – 2009 FBLA National President

“You are the first speaker I have ever heard that actually seems to understand things and make sense of what should be done to resolve problems facing teens. I have been to a ton of presentations, and I must say that yours is by far my favorite!”
National FBLA Member

“Many people like you try to talk to kids but I think that you were the best I’ve ever heard. I actually listened to what you were saying!”
Delaware BPA Member

“You really inspired me to become a better person.”
Missouri 4H Member

“I’ll always remember this day when you spoke at my school.”
Student – Wichita, KS

“You’re a wonderful speaker. Thanks for coming to our retreat. Your words spoke to my heart.”
Student – Boston, MA

“Thanks so much for your encouraging words. I wish that I had one of you around all the time to challenge me like you did. Your messages seemed to be directly aimed at me.”
Student – Kansas City, MO

Various Emails and Messages from Students…

“Hey you came to my school today and just wanted to let you know how totally amazing and uplifting you are. You brightened my whole school and made everyone open their eyes. Just wanted to let you know how much it meant to me, and all of us.”

“Thanks for coming to my high school. 🙂 You made a memory of my day, and that’s all that matters to me.”

“Thank you…you have been such an inspiration to me. I wake up everyday with your message in my head so i can move forward and achieve things in my life.”

“Hey just telling you I really liked your assembly!! You made me laugh a lot! And I am going to try my best to dig down deep and find what I need to stop making excuses for. I think it was a great assembly and message because everyone has made an excuse to block or avoid something at least once in their life. I hope everyone went home and turned over a new leaf!! I know I will!!”

“Thanks for coming and hanging out with us today. I loved hearing what you had to say. You got down on a personal level with us and really brought the concept of reaching goals down to where we were interested and could understand. You definitely had my attention the whole time. You’re a fantastic speaker!”

“What you said actually had impact on me. You’re definitely a great speaker and cool person. They said oh you have a speaker today i got scared and thought oh boy this is going to be a boring day but it wasn’t. Thanks for visiting west and sharing your wisdom with us all!”

“Great job, you are honestly the only person i know that could keep all of our attention for that long!! awesome job”

“This was a great day for me. Opened my eyes a ton. Thanks, dude, you really made me feel better about being a senior :)”

“You have the best ways of making people think about what they do. You had me laughin like crazy but got me thinkin 🙂 glad you came to mhs”

“I almost got abs from laughing so hard”

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