071: How To Find And Do Work You Love (Scott Dinsmore)

Scott DinsmoreMost of us feel we’re here to do something meaningful and beneficial with our lives. If that’s the case for you you’re in good company with our guest for today’s show, Scott Dinsmore.

Scott is the founder of Live Your Legend, and his mission is to change the world be helping people find and do work they love by surrounding themselves with people who make it possible. Join us as he shares how he built Live Your Legend into an internationally recognized brand and more on this edition of How’d You Get Into That?.


Scott grew up in Danville, CA, a small town about 30 miles east of San Francisco. Dreams of becoming an undercover police officer morphed into thoughts of becoming a Navy SEAL. He admired their bad-assery (his word!) and how those guys pulled off inhuman feats every day. They were an inspiration to him, and showed him people are capable of so much more than they think.

Scott went the usual route: high school then college, where he graduated in the top 5% of his class. From there, he still wasn’t sure what he wanted to do so he took a year to teach English in Spain and sort things out.

His experience in Spain opened up his perspective on life and work. He says the Spainiards work to live, instead of live to work. They are a happy people, and don’t care as much about money and climbing the corporate ladder as we do. He enjoyed their way of life and mindset, but as soon as he got back home he felt like he was behind all of his friends. They had jobs and were working on their careers, so he ended up as a distribution planner at The Gap in San Francisco.


  • What is one of the most critical components for success?
  • How to sell your “why”.
  • Scott’s advice for those just getting started.
  • What to do when you feel stuck.
  • How Scott turned the traditional “build, design, sell” model to his advantage.
  • And so much more!

That is when it hit him – your environment really impacts your thinking and your actions, for better or worse. Thus began the thinking and philosophy that eventually became Live Your Legend, Scott’s mega-community, brand and business that helps people find and do work they love.

Scott says he knew after three weeks that corporate America wasn’t for him. He spent a lot of time during his 50 minute one-way train commute reading, learning and growing. After seven months at The Gap, he quit and launched a blog called Reading For Your Success.

He tried a number of other avenues, always knowing he was meant to be out on his own. Finally it began to come together when he met online entrepreneurs Corbett Barr and Leo Babauta, who showed him a whole new way of life.

Scott found he was incredibly passionate about helping others find work they love, and so he re-branded his blog as Live Your Legend, and that’s when it took off. Within 6 months of re-launch it had grow 10 times, and within another 12 months, it had grown 160 times.

One year after he re-launched as Live Your Legend, an opportunity came along to do a TEDx talk. He was invited as a secondary stand-in just 6 days before the event! He spent several hours in preparation, and nailed it. The video now has over 2 million views and is what really launched Live Your Legend into the stratosphere.

Scott says we need to ask ourselves what we should be doing that we’re not. What are we afraid of? It’s usually the thing we are most afraid of that can make the biggest difference. Please join me in thanking Scott for inspiring us with his passion and knowledge today. Thanks for being here and we’ll see you next time!

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