003: How To Live and Work Anywhere (Sean Ogle)

Sean Ogle

Suitcase entrepreneur, lifestyle by design, solopreneur: these are all terms most of us are familiar with but when Sean Ogle, our guest for episode 003 made his way in the world, he didn’t have any idea what those phrases meant.

What he did know was that he was going to run his own business and he was going to choose where he worked and when he worked. That’s exactly what he does today with Location 180, a site devoted to helping people run their own businesses from anywhere in the world.

The story of how he got there, the practical and action-oriented steps he took and the hurdles he jumped, is what we talk about on today’s show.


Sean Ogle grew up like a lot of people: in a comfortable, suburban middle class family. But running counter to his upbringing, Sean knew he wanted to run his own business. He earned an undergraduate degree in Finance and was soon offered a good job with a family member’s business right after graduation.

That good job meant he had to cut short a 3-month European trip he had been planning with his friends since they began college. For Sean, that was the first taste of what it was like to work for someone else, and it wasn’t pleasant.


  • Who mentored him and how that relationship developed.
  • The moment he was blindsided and the lesson he learned.
  • How he made Bangkok, Thailand his home base for 6 months
  • What fears and doubts did he wrestle with on his journey?
  • What are the top mistake he sees people make?

Sean’s progress from that role as a full-time employee to being an independent business owner today is a fascinating one that took him all around the globe. Fundamentally, there are three main steps he teaches to guide people from their desk jobs to being independent freelancers and business owners.

He generously shared with us those three steps today.

The first step is to learn the fundamentals of working online. Learn the basics of copywriting, SEO, social media for business and WordPress. Once you learn those basics, take one that you enjoy and you’re pretty good at and start freelancing in that niche. Do this to build your confidence and your income.

After you’ve built your freelance income, you can apply all you’ve learned to your own products. You can create your own podcast, build a membership site or launch your first info product. You’ve developed the strength and the muscle to support the growth of these other projects so they become additional income streams for you.

Those steps are just one piece of this show; Sean also talks about the value in finding a mentor, advice he would give his younger self and whether or not he’d do anything differently if he were to redo his early experiences.

I hope you enjoyed Sean’s visit to the show and you learned a great deal! He’s a terrific example of following your inner guidance, choosing happiness over any obstacle, perceived or real, and simply going for it!

TWEETABLE:If you’re not happy with something, change it sooner rather than later.” 



Click here to download the transcript for episode 003 (PDF)

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  1. Going back throught the episodes. This is one of my favorites. Sean has some great quotes and energy! Love the show Grant.

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