011: How To Discover Your Passion In College (Thomas Frank)

Thomas FrankIf you’re in college, what would it be like if you could graduate knowing what your next step is and how you’re going to take that step – and doing so without a ton of debt?

Our guest for episode 11, Thomas Frank, started a web site to serve just that purpose: to help you rock your college experience, prepare for the next stage of your life and get there, without mountains of debt in the process.


Thomas Frank wants to show you how to have an EPIC college experience – and to create the future you want for yourself in the process.

And with College Info Geek, a site devoted to your best college journey, he brings all of this to life.

The College Info Geek site was launched when Thomas submitted a mammoth blog post to Lifehacker. He’d been reading their site for over a year and knew the tone, the audience and the topics. He thought his blog post was perfect. But they didn’t.

Undaunted by their rejection, Thomas launched College Info Geek, a sort of Lifehacker site for college students. Though it didn’t take off immediately, Thomas stuck with it for a few years until it did.


  • How to get in front of a site like Lifehacker.
  • The value of internships.
  • Why changing your major may not help your future.
  • How he monetized the site: the two pre-requisites for doing so.
  • How to build relationships when you’re just starting out.
  • And so much more!

Thomas epitomizes the word persistent. He continued to grow College Info Geek while building relationships with relevant communities, including Lifehacker. Lifehacker did publish some of his later posts and his site traffic skyrocketed. It did take time and effort and energy, but Thomas was able to see the fruits of his labor pay off.

And today his site helps college students everywhere learn how to navigate their school and its possibilities to ensure future success in their work and in their ability to enjoy the lives they are creating.

If you were inspired by Thomas’ story and you’re now a college info geek, leave a comment below or send a Tweet!

Tweetable: “Throw enough things at the wall, eventually something’s going to stick.”  



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  1. I absolutely loved this podcast. This is finals week, but as soon as I am done with my finals I will be taking his advise and starting my own blog. Been debating on it for quite some time.

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