008: How To Take Risks In Your Career Search (Tyler Terveeron)

Tyler TerveeronWhy do some people take risks more than others? And why do some of those risk-takers go for broke and others risk incrementally? Is there a science behind taking risks or is someone just “born that way”?

To answer all of those questions and so much more on this ninth episode of “How’d You Get Into That?” is Tyler Tervooren of Riskology.co. Riskology is a site dedicated to exploring and explaining the science behind risk.


Tyler’s background wouldn’t necessarily make you think he’d start a blog like Riskology. His undergraduate degree is in Architecture with a concentration on project management. He spent a few years after college working in his field, but it took all of a day for him to realize it wasn’t a long-term fit for him.

It took a lay-off and some soul-searching for him to figure out the idea behind Riskology. He had already chosen to leave his job within six months when shortly after, his company let him go. Though he panicked for about 5 seconds, Tyler saw this as the opportunity it was: a chance to find out what he DID want to do.

He invested the time and energy into a process to discover the common threads in his life and he came up with one: risk-taking and why people did it. And so Riskology was born.


  • Can risk-taking be taught?
  • The science behind the comfort zone.
  • Where does his interest in the brain stem from?
  • How to mitigate the risk in going from your job to running your own business.
  • Why you should try new options and avenues before giving up your job.
  • And so much more!

Though Tyler experienced a significant life event that perpetuated him down the path of entrepreneurship and creating Riskology, he says you don’t have to wait for something like that to happen to you. If you are unhappy or want a change, you can be your own catalyst. It isn’t enough to be unhappy though, you have to find something you want to do and go explore it. And you can without leaving your job right away.

He also readily admits he struck out many times before hitting a home run with Riskology. He had been running a blog for over a year – a different blog than Riskology – and he never monetized it. So when he began Riskology, he threw himself into it wholeheartedly. He worked 16 hours a day or more and tried everything to see what stuck.

And eventually he figured it out. Riskology is now his home run and Tyler is happier than he’s ever been.

Tyler was a pleasure to have on the show, and I hope you enjoyed listening to him as well. Leave a comment below or Tweet me and let me know what avenue you’re going to explore thanks to Tyler!

Tweetable:You don’t have to have it all figured out from the get-go.” Tyler Tervooren



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