068: Creating An Organization To Help At-Risk Youth (Wes Chapman)

Wes Chapman

Sometimes the most difficult beginnings in our lives set us up to become the greatest examples for others, and those beginnings plant the seeds for our greatest achievements. That is the case for today’s guest Wes Chapman and his non-profit organization, A Human Project.

A Human Project aims to empower a broad range of left-behind youth. Because these kids come to his non-profit, he can ensure no child is left alone to fend for themselves. Join us as we talk about Wes Chapman’s upbringing, and the impetus it was for A Human Project. All of that and more on the 68th episode of How’d You Get Into That?.


Wes Chapman’s desire to uplift youth comes from his personal struggle during his childhood. He was abandoned by his father when he was just over a year old, and his mother left him shortly after his 6th birthday. At this point he was put into the foster care system and bounced around between foster homes until his grandmother tracked him down and took him in a few years later.

Fortunately Wes’ entrepreneurial side kicked in about that time and he began selling flowers door-to-door. He enjoyed both the hustle of it as well as the joy he brought others, the money he earned was an added bonus! By taking on entrepreneurial activities and with the help of his grandmother, he overcame his childhood demons and grew into adulthood.

At that time Wes went into public speaking. He wasn’t sure he was the right fit until he gave a presentation to a group of underprivileged middle schoolers. After the speech, which lasted hours instead of minutes, the children lined up to thank him and Wes instantly knew this was his calling.

From there Wes set the foundation for A Human Project. He envisioned it as a non-profit organization that combines web-based interactions with in-person interactions to provide children with whatever they need. For some kids it would mean a safe place to escape from an alcoholic mother to a kid whose dad simply doesn’t have the time to play catch with him.


  • How A Human Project’s goals have contributed to its success.
  • Why children lash out, and how you can help.
  • Understanding the difference one person can make.
  • The true power of sharing your story.
  • Why making mistakes is a good thing.
  • And so much more!

He put his heart and soul into making A Human Project a reality. He worked tirelessly to create his vision of reaching out to the youth to empower them. By the time he had finished, Wes Chapman had created a four-point process that set out to address the issues that causes children to act out in desperate pleas for attention. By targeting children with physical, emotional and spiritual needs, A Human Project helps children dealing with a wide range of problems.

A Human Project’s basic roadmap starts with reaching out to children and showing them that they’re not alone. “Human Pod” volunteers as they are called, are assigned to each child, engage in vulnerable storytelling to get on the same level as the children.

Through this process the children are given a sense of self-worth. By giving children something bigger to strive for in their lives, A Human Project empowers them.

The youth continue to perpetuate the giving-back cycle through projects that serve their community, enhancing the world around them and adding to their sense of self-worth. It’s a truly worthwhile and heart-warming non-profit, all because Wes had the power and strength to overcome his own difficult childhood.

Please join me in thanking Wes for sharing his courageous and profoundly moving story; it’s an honor to have him here and to discover more about A Human Project. And thanks to all of you for listening in, see you next time!

Tweetable: “I stopped being a victim and started healing.” Wes Chapman


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